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Jack White and Eminem are pretty much the same person – at least that’s what one Jeopardy! contestant named Julie assumed last night when a photo of White was accompanied with a hint that read, “A recent vinyl resurgence has been aided by this musician, who built a pressing plant in his Detroit hometown.”

It’s safe to assume that poor ol’ Julie was giving her best shot at answering this question and rolled with her gut, which immediately reasoned that because Eminem is famously a white dude from Detroit, that the white dude in the photo was, indeed, Em.

But if we’re being honest, Michael Jackson is a more perceptible look-a-like for Jack White than the Michigan rapper. And contestants Gilbert and Rebecca were already whooping Julies’ ass in this episode, so it’s not like this question was her saving grace, anyhow.

This epic fail is another fumble on behalf of smarty-pants people who don’t know what pop culture is. On New Year’s Day, a museum educator named Nick Spicher pronounced “Gangsta’s Paradise” incorrectly, saying “Gangster’s Paradise” instead.

At first, Alex Trebek, the show’s host, said the response was correct – then the judges changed their minds and took back their money.

Clearly then sensed some pretense.

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