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Chamillionaire Just Created Legit Twitter “Alternative”

Chamillionaire’s been doing some really casually productive stuff – like investing in startups sold to corporations like General Motors and Disney. And now he’s working on his own startup called Convoz, reports Tech Crunch.

According to the App Store for iOS devices, Convoz is “the place for creating public collaborative conversations… if you have a thought, opinion or feeling, this is the place to share.”

Admittedly, that app description is extremely vague. But the screencaps for the software look interesting enough – sort of like a social FaceTime/Vine hybrid, where you can look through profiles and choose who to send a video to. A user can upload 15-secoond clips and then view and respond to other users’ videos; this response seems to be where the convo truly begins.

Chamillionaire was inspired to make the app a Twitter alternative because he thought the social network site had to many bridge-dwelling trolls.

“I just wasn’t happy with the communication channels that are currently existing on social media,” the Grammy winner said.

So, like any other baller, he started his own. What an inspiration.