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You Have the Taste of a 14-Year-Old

Today’s most unfortunate news: the music we listened to during our teens hints at what we’ll be listening to as adults, according to a recent New York Times analysis of Spotify data.

The study found that men were about 14 years old when their favorite song was released – Radiohead’s 1993 single “Creep” is the 164th most popular song among 38-year-old men, for instance, while the Cure’s warm ‘n’ fuzzy 1987 classic “Just Like Heaven” is popular among 41-year-old women.

This analysis shouldn’t be too surprising – after all, adults are usually pretty fond of their coming-of-age days.

But apparently late adolescence doesn’t influence grown folks’ music tastes as much as we might think; the music that men and women listened to in their early 20s was found to be only half as influential in forming adult tastes when compared to the songs listened to during teen years.

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